Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation

Drivers with a medical condition, disability, injury, or who have age related changes, may be required to do an occupational therapy driving assessment to determine the impact of the condition on safe driving. Sometimes driver rehabilitation and training or vehicle modifications may be required. An accredited occupational therapy driver assessor is able to identify the impact of each person’s condition on their ability to drive safely and conduct a driver rehabilitation programme where needed.

Passenger / Vehicle Assessment

We provide vehicle assessment for people who want to drive from a wheelchair; travel in a vehicle in a wheelchair; or who have other specialised vehicle access and transport needs. We provide passenger assessments for people of all ages. Contact us if you require an assessment.

Please contact for further information or to make a referral at: or phone 0422 265 330.

Commercial Vehicle Assessment

We provide assessment and rehabilitation for commercial vehicle drivers with a medical condition, injury or disability (all license classes). Contact us if you require an assessment.

Research and Development

Determining the impact of medical conditions, medical procedures and functional changes on the capacity to drive safely and investigating interventions to support driver health.