Driver Screening for all Occupational Therapists – 100% Online – AUG 06


Course Description:

This course provides training for driving instructors who wish to specialise in rehabilitation of drivers with medical conditions, disabilities and injuries. Driving instructors often work in this area with occupational therapy driver assessors. Driver rehabilitation programmes involve teaching drivers with cognitive difficulties (e.g., due to a stroke or brain injury), physical impairments (e.g., due to loss or paralysis of a limb), vision impairments (e.g., due to loss of vision in one eye), anxiety, and mental health conditions.

Course Delivery 100% Online:

This is a 1 day information course. Therefore, no assignments or examinations are completed. A certificate of completion is provided. (9am – 4:30pm AEDT)



Topics Presented:

  • The role of occupational therapists in assessing fitness to drive
  • Best clinical practice for screening drivers to determine the need for further assessment
  • Available driver screening assessment tools and how to determine suitability
  • Working within license authority and Austroads medical guidelines
  • The impact of specific medical conditions on driving and potential for remediation
  • Overview of vehicle modifications
Suitable For:

Occupational therapists who are not driver-trained / specialists in driving


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