Medical and Health Professional Driver Screening Course – 100% Face to Face – JUL 23


Course Description:

A half day workshop is provided for medical and health professionals in screening patient fitness to drive.

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Topics Presented:

  • Screening cognitive fitness to drive: reliability, predictive validity and practicality of existing tools for use in medical practice, including touchscreen DriveSafe DriveAware (a brief cognitive driver screen designed for GPs).
  • The impact of stroke, brain injury, aneurism and other neurological impairments on driving capacity and potential for return to driving.
  • Applying the Austroads Medical Guidelines / Working within licensing authority policies and procedures
  • Assessing physical capacity for driving
  • Vehicle modifications for patients with injuries and disabilities
  • Driver remediation for common medical conditions and disabilities.
  • Withdrawing driving privilege / conflict management
  • Further assessment referral pathways
Suitable For:

Medical and health professionals.


The venue is Oatlands Golf Club, Bettington Road, Oatlands, Sydney, Australia or contact us if you would like this course offered in your area (minimum 8 participants).

Course Delivery

The course is offered as a half day workshop (9am to 1pm).