Occupational Therapy Driver Assessor Refresher Course – 100% ONLINE – SEP 10


Course Description:

This refresher course is for Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors who want to update their knowledge and skill in the area of driver assessment and rehabilitation. The course is ideal for therapists who: trained a number of years ago and have not consistently worked in the area; want to increase their confidence working in driver assessment and rehabilitation; or who just want to update their knowledge regarding policy and practice changes.



Topics Presented:

  • Assessment of cognitive fitness to drive including examining a range of assessment tools
  • A review of current medico-legal report writing procedures including provision of an updated C class report template
  • An overview of recent policy and procedure changes
  • Working with NDIS participants
  • Vehicle modification / technology update and demonstration.
  • Overview of the off-road assessment process (e.g., physical screening or screening of vision).
  • Q & A / group sharing
Suitable for:

Qualified Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors.

Course delivery 100% Online:

This is a 1 day information course. A certificate of completion is provided. 


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