Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors Course – Blended – Oct 2024


Course Description:

This course provides training for occupational therapists who wish to specialise in driver assessment and rehabilitation. Sessions are conducted by occupational therapists and driving instructors with considerable clinical experience in the area. At the conclusion of the course, successful participants will qualify as registered occupational therapy driver assessors.

Course Delivery – Blended 
  • 100% online (joining face-to-face attendees via Zoom) and;
  • Blended, face to face and online at Oatlands Golf Club – 94 Bettington Rd, Oatlands NSW 2117


Topics Presented:
  • The driver assessment process
  • Off-road screening of cognition, vision and physical capacity for driving
  • On-road assessment procedures
  • The impact of specific conditions on driving
  • Vehicle ergonomics and pain management
  • Report writing and clinical reasoning
  • Remediation and vehicle modification
  • High-level needs and driving
  • Passenger only assessment
  • Licensing policies and procedures

High standards of achievement are set in this intensive course, to reflect the level of responsibility assumed by a qualified driving assessor. Participants are required to complete both driving and theoretical course components including a practical driving test and assignments that must be submitted during the course. All assessment tasks are graded at a level appropriate for a post-graduate subject and a satisfactory standard must be achieved before a certificate of course completion and a driving assessor registration number are issued.

Suitable for:

To be eligible to enrol applicants must be qualified Occupational Therapists; provide a certified copy of their occupational therapy degree or their AHPRA number during the course; have a minimum of two years of postgraduate experience; and, hold a current driver’s license.    

Course Dates
Week 1 Online Only Days:
Tues 15.10.2024 and Wed 16.10.2024
Week 2 Face-to-Face Only:
Tues 21.10.2024 to Fri 25.10.2024
Week 3 Online Only Days:
Tues 29.10.2024 to Wed 30.10.2024
*Australian Eastern Day Light Time

Oatlands Golf Club – 94 Bettington Rd, Oatlands NSW 2117